Making Payment
Processing Easy!

Providing 0% Cash Discounts, Traditional Credit and Debit Card Processing, Mobile Processing,

Gift and Loyalty Programs, eCommerce, & More for 21 Years

Making Payment
Processing Easy!

Providing Credit & Debit Card Processing, Credit Extension Programs, Gift Card Programs & More for 21 Years

SB Merchant Services

Professional Financial Services 
in New York

SB Merchant Services makes payment processing fast, easy, and affordable for businesses, no matter what form of payment your customers choose – whether it’s credit cards, debit cards, or checks. Our easy-to-use products and superior local service will streamline the purchasing process and allow you to provide your customers with the convenience they need to make purchases.

How It Works

Nowadays, accepting credit and debit card payments is a necessity for doing business. Whether you are just opening your doors or you’re running a veteran operation, accepting credit card payments offers the major benefit of providing your customers with the convenience of paying with their credit or debit card, or other forms of electronic payment, of choice.

SB Merchant Services
SB Merchant Services

The Benefits

By accepting credit cards at your business, you’re not limiting your customers to a single payment type, so your customers are able to use their credit or debit card to purchase more items more often than if they were restricted to only using the cash available in their wallets. Furthermore, accepting credit cards provides you with the added benefit of streamlining your checkout process – thus reducing the time your customers have to stand in line.

What We Offer

SB Merchant Services understands that increased transaction speed allows for quicker service and customer convenience, and we offer flexible processing solutions that enable you to grow sales and revenue.

In addition to credit and debit card processing, SB Merchant Services offers loyalty & gift card programs. SB Merchant Services can set up your business to accept:

  • Cash Discounts
  • Mobile Processing
  • eCommerce Web Processing
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Debit – PIN-Based and Signature-Based
  • Gift & Loyalty Cards
  • International Cards
  • Petroleum and Fleet Cards
  • Purchasing Cards (Level I, II, & III)

Our Additional Services

Also, when you choose SB Merchant Services, you get the added benefits of:

  • Personalized Local Services
  • Services Geared to Small and Mid-sized Businesses
  • Business Financial Advice
  • Loyalty & Gift Card Programs Designed to Help You Grow Your Business

Who Do We Help

When was the last time your merchant services supplier helped you grow revenue?!

SB Merchant Services


Accept payments at your store.

SB Merchant Services


Accept payments at the table.

SB Merchant Services

SB Merchant Services

Customizes solutions for all types of businesses, delivering superior products and outstanding service:

SB Merchant Services


Accept payments at the desk, and schedule payment plans for patients.

SB Merchant Services


Accept customer-initiated payments via your website.

SB Merchant Services


Accept payments via telephone and web for guest reservations, plus point of sale (POS) solutions, including integration with property management systems.

SB Merchant Services

Business-to-Business and Mail Order / Telephone Order

Accept payments via telephone, web, or mail order for product and service deliveries.

SB Merchant Services

Property Management

Accept payments for rental properties via the Internet with an online bill payment tool.

SB Merchant Services

Recurring Billing

Schedule payment plans for customers, and allow for online bill payment.

SB Merchant Services

Small Ticket / Large Ticket

Accept payments for your business specialty with small and large average transaction amounts.

SB Merchant Services


Accept payments, and speed up customer checkout times.

SB Merchant Services

Charitable Organizations

Accept donations via your website and payments for event registrations.

SB Merchant Services

Government & Utilities

Accept payments for utility use with recurring bill payment tools via telephone and the Internet.

SB Merchant Services

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